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Nikola Mitic AI clone - interview
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Patient 21
Germany, Berlin
July 2023 - Current

Senior Software Engineer

My current position is Senior Frontend Engineer with a strong focus on Frontend and React JS.

I am involved in various projects within the MedTech industry at our company. These projects include developing and maintaining software applications tailored for dental clinics across Germany.

One of the key projects I work on is the Practice Management Software (PMS) called Claire. It is used by approximately 15 dental clinics and assists in managing essential aspects such as reception, treatment, billing, and more.

I collaborate closely with a team consisting of backend engineers, frontend engineers, a product manager, and QA engineers. We use Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban for project management, ensuring the efficiency and usability of our MedTech solutions for dental clinics.

Tech stack:

ReactNext.jsCss ModulesMicro Frontends


  1. Claire

    The Practice Management Software (PMS): It is a software currently used by ~15 Dental Clinics placed across Germany. It enables and helps the practice personal to manage the most important parts: Reception, Treatment, Billing and more

  2. Calmaster

    Calmaster is a clinical staff tool with a main view displaying practitioners and their appointments. Users can book, modify, or cancel appointments, as well as access patient details.

    It shows upcoming patients and their document completeness, triggering document collection. Anamnesis forms are accessible to doctors. Calmaster integrates with the clinic’s phone system, displaying incoming calls linked to patient details.

    Ongoing calls are listed. SMS communication with patients is also accessible.

  3. Ui library

    UI Library compiles shareable interface elements (components) to maintain a consistent appearance and prevent redundant implementation across patient21 products.

  4. Shift Planner

    Shift Planner streamlines scheduling for doctors' clinics, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring smooth operations. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionalities, it simplifies shift management, helping clinics organize staff schedules efficiently.

Team size and roles:

  • 2 Backend engineers
  • 2 Frontend engineers
  • Product manager
  • 2 QA engineers

Project Management:

Scrum and Kanban depending on a project